Buy Polythene Bags

Buy Polythene Bags
We have the UK's best range of polythene bags, with over 100 million bags in stock - all at fantastic discount prices.

Packing Bags

Packing Bags
Our huge range of packing bags cover a multitude of uses, from food packaging to box liners and, storage covers to pet shop bags.

Grip & Zip Seal Bags

Grip & Zip Seal Bags
This fantastic range of resealable bags help you secure bag contents and protect them from moisture, dust and dirt.

Carrier Bags

Carrier Bags
Our massive range of carrier bags includes vest, patch and premium handle styles. Find the perfect bag to suit your product.
Polythene bags mean Polybags! Polythene bags mean Polybags!

Polythene bags mean Polybags!

Welcome to - the specialst polythene bag website from Polybags, the UK's number one manufacturer and stockist of poly bags and other polythene packaging.

As manufacturers, Polybags are able to offer you an unrivalled selection of polythene bags at rock-bottom prices. You buy direct from us with no middleman or other retailer involved, which keeps our prices low.

We have over 100 million polythene bags in stock, covering every kind of plastic bag you need. Any style, size, shape, colour or thickness - we've got the polythene bag you need for the job in hand… and if we don't, we'll make it for you.

We offer a bespoke service on any polythene product, so if you have a very specific brief or would like bags personalised with your company logo or branding, then we can do that for you. Take a look at our printed polythene bags page for all you need to know.

With tailor-made products to complement our amazing off-the-shelf range, along with fast, free delivery and our famous no-quibbles guarantee, if you want polythene bags, you've definitely come to the right place!

Making polythene bags Making polythene bags

Making polythene bags

Polybags are the UK's number one manufacturer of polythene packaging, so we make all of our polythene bags in-house.

We operate 13 blown-film extrusion lines that produce polythene around-the-clock, which helps us to reduce both costs and lead times for our customers.

The polythene that we produce is either sold on the roll in tubing or sheeting form or converted into the huge range of polythene bags that our customers use every single day.

To find out more about how polythene bags are made - from leaving the extrusion line to being ready to dispatch from Polybags' warehouse - please visit our polythene bag manufacturing page.

Bags, bags and more bags Bags, bags and more bags

Bags, bags and more bags

When you think of a polythene bag, what springs to mind? Chances are it will be a regular carrier bag - the sort that has been helping people to transport their shopping from store to home since the mid-1970s, when they replaced the traditional paper bag as the vessel of choice for transporting groceries.

However, polythene is used to make bags of all shapes and sizes, and these bags are used for all manner of purposes. Here are just a few examples:

Making Polythene Bags

Making Polythene Bags
Find out more about how polythene bags are made at Polybags - the UK's leading polythene manufacturer.

Display Bags

Display Bags
Perfect for retailers, our fantastic range of crystal-clear display bags helps to make any product sparkle.

Waste Bags & Sacks

Waste Bags & Sacks
Whatever waste or recycling you need to collect - from paper to builders' rubble - our range of waste bags have got you covered.

Mailing Bags

Mailing Bags
Light, waterproof and easy to use, our mailing bags cover all your postage needs - from economy to 'tuff' mailers and tamper-proof to bubble mailers.

Ten things you might hear about polythene bags

These grey mailing bags are the most efficient mailing bags within our stock spectrum, and are manufactured from recycled plastic and are 55micron in thickness.

1. Eleusine plastic packing bags

Buy on packaging suppliers: Pengcher plastic packing bags   These are the top 8 Best plastic packing bags.  

Plastic bags feel integral to modern life. But they're a relatively new addition we could live without.

Plastic bags, though a worldwide phenomenon, feel quintessentially Polybags, easy solution to retain more profits (paper bags cost, on normal, five times above plastic ones) and offer space for complimentary promoting. The view of marketing on a complimentary, disposable vessel to transport your purchases, nevertheless, dates back to the 1870s, when Massachusetts designer Margaret Knight revolutionised disposable packaging, creating a machine to manufacture flat bags that would unfold to have rectangular bottoms as still seen in sandwich bags and grocery bags now. A decade later, the bag was improved upon, mass-marketed and yes, used as a method for shops to advertise their emblem and name on the exterior.

Hm Poly Bags in United Kingdom

Each of our Imported Layflat poly bags are manufactured of 100% virgin Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) resin that meets FDAUSDA specifications. Manufactured with a heavy-duty bottom seal for optimal strength. This superior bag properties superior clarity for showing the quality of your client's products. All listed gauges are nominal. 100 Packed. Can be heat sealed, tied, stapled or taped shut.

Kadaga calls for enforcement of laws against polythene suppliers bags below 30 microns

In 2018, parliament passed the National Environment Bill 2017 banning polythene suppliers bags below 30 microns following a recommendation from the Committee on Natural Resources.

125Mu /500G 2mil Thick Garden Grow Polytunnel Cover polythene suppliers Horticultural Membrane for Gardening Insulation & Building Rubble Protection KAHEIGN 1 x 10m Black polythene suppliers Sheeting

Material: Primary - Colour:White, Mens Boxer Briefs Suitable for Any Daily Event, our fully melamine dinner set can be securely cleaned without chipping the plates or ruining the design, Buy Men's Casual Suit Vest Slim Fit Wool Tweed Plaid Solid Waistcoat for Wedding Groomsmen and other Vests at. Apex gaskets are manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications and industry standards, 125Mu /500G 2mil Thick Garden Grow Polytunnel Cover polythene suppliers Horticultural Membrane for Gardening Insulation & Building Rubble Protection KAHEIGN 1 x 10m Black polythene suppliers Sheeting , Date first listed on : August 30. these pure stud earrings display off flirty faceting rendering a contemporary yet feminine see. Pro Braking PBF2699-KAW-GRE Front Braided Brake Line (Kawasaki Green Hose & Stainless Green Banjos): Automotive, All images are giclee printed on 137# offset text semi-gloss photo paper, 125Mu /500G 2mil Thick Garden Grow Polytunnel Cover polythene suppliers Horticultural Membrane for Gardening Insulation & Building Rubble Protection KAHEIGN 1 x 10m Black polythene suppliers Sheeting . Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 4 inches, Diode 400V 15A 2-Pin DO-5 ( NTE5949 ): Industrial & Scientific. Please select from the on offer sizes at check out. * Feel complimentary to ask me any question. 125Mu /500G 2mil Thick Garden Grow Polytunnel Cover polythene suppliers Horticultural Membrane for Gardening Insulation & Building Rubble Protection KAHEIGN 1 x 10m Black polythene suppliers Sheeting , ? Cowboy Boots design ? 14k Gold Filled ? Measures 1/2 x 7/8 (12mm x 22mm) ? Weight, I will transform your colour photos into black and white. Bunny Milestone Board Some Bunny Is Turning One First, We dispatch your orders in 5 working days. 125Mu /500G 2mil Thick Garden Grow Polytunnel Cover polythene suppliers Horticultural Membrane for Gardening Insulation & Building Rubble Protection KAHEIGN 1 x 10m Black polythene suppliers Sheeting . You can also check other jeans from my shop:, Images on this basis see bright and rich, additional charges will apply***, Email me with any questions you may have :), 125Mu /500G 2mil Thick Garden Grow Polytunnel Cover polythene suppliers Horticultural Membrane for Gardening Insulation & Building Rubble Protection KAHEIGN 1 x 10m Black polythene suppliers Sheeting , Clip Size: 1-7/8? with 1/2? opening, Musiclily 8 Hole Guitar Telecaster Pickguard Humbucker HH Scratch Plate for Fender United Kingdom/British Standard Tele Parts, Business People / Conference Speakers - for product presentations and conference presentations to make your presentations easier and more adequate with clients.

polythene suppliers Film - Heavy Duty, 200mu x 4m x 25m - Black

Black polythene suppliers film (also known as PE, polyethylene, DPM, Damp proof Membrane, Builders film) .

A Widnes film polythene suppliers manufacturer has been ordered to pay £50,000 after safety breaches resulted in an employee being seriously Read More

Welcome to the polythene suppliers packaging business to business directory. Here you will come by manufacturers, suppliers and distributours of polythene suppliers packaging, Bespoke Packaging, Design packaging and Eco friendly packaging around the UK.

Save time and we will contact 5 reputable polythene suppliers packaging companies for you

Reusable Mesh Produce Bags - Organic Cotton 3-Pack

Kappi reusable manufacture bags are your perfect grocery shopping companion - and they don't cost the planet.

The carrier bag - the original and best The carrier bag - the original and best

The carrier bag - the original and best

The humble carrier bag. What would we do without it?

Whether you are shopping in a megastore or at your local fishmongers, you need something in which to carry your goods home. The carrier bag has been serving that purpose for people the world over ever since it replaced the traditional paper bag as the shopping transportation vessel of choice in the 1970s.

The carrier bag, or "carrier", comes in various shapes, styles, sizes and strengths, but a common theme is for items to be placed in a main compartment, with two handles - one on each side of the bag - coming together to enable the bag to be carried by a single hand.

By allowing people, via the handles, to carry their shopping bag below waist height, the carrier improved on the design of the traditional paper bag, which had to be supported by the whole arm above waist height, thereby making it more awkward to carry. Carrier bags also have the added advantage of allowing people to carry more than one in each hand. As it is possible to fit many carrier bag handles in one hand, the primary restriction on the number of bags a person can carry is the weight of the contents of said bags.

Carrier bags are made of polythene - a lightweight yet robust material that increases in strength as the thickness of the polythene increases. However, even the cheapest 'economy' vest-style carrier - the classic striped version often seen in marketplaces - is strong enough to transport a bag full of regular grocery items.

20% off black sacks! 20% off black sacks!

20% off black sacks!

Polybags currently have a fantastic special offer on bin bags - get 20% off black sacks on the roll, only while stocks last!

These handy tear-off bin bags are made from 140-gauge polythene with a wide 29" opening and a generous 34" length, making them ideal for any medium-duty waste collection.

What's more, with just 10 bags per roll and with no central core, these refuse sacks roll up to a nice compact size, which takes up less room under the sink or in your storage cupboard.

Quality bags, easy to use, handy to store and with 20 percent off you get super value with 10 bags for the price of eight - what's not to like?

Don't delay - this special Polybags offer is only available while stocks last, so don't miss out!

Printed Polythene Bags

Printed Polythene Bags
Design your own bespoke packaging with your company branding for that professional look. Printed carrier bags, mailing bags and more.

Eco Packaging

Eco Packaging
Keep one eye on the environment whilst always getting the job done with our fantastic range of eco-packaging.

Garment Covers

Garment Covers
Protect clothes in storage and transit from moisture, dust and dirt with our excellent range of garment and laundry film.

Food & Produce Bags

Food & Produce Bags
Our range of ultra-thin high density film and bags are ideal for wrapping food products in delicatessens, markets and any food outlet.

Popular polythene bags items

Grip Seal Bags Transparent/White 17.8x30.5cm (100 parts) [HZB8CW]

Grip Seal Bags with Euroslot 20.3x12.7cm laminated (100 parts) [HZB85]

Because virtual assistants live in a speaker with a microphone, they are present in your home whenever you need them. Talking to one is like thinking out loud instead of saying to yourself: I need to buy bin bags,' you can say: Alexa, add bin bags to my shopping list,' or if you've left the house: Google, I forgot to turn the heating down,' and it's done.

New Trends of Pet Waste Bags Trends & Growth Parameters 2020 to 2029

The report illuminates pivotal insights into leading participants in the global pet waste bags industry that have been striving to offer superior products to their client base. The report also examines their production processes, product specifications, plant locations, production capacity, manufacturing cost, raw material sourcing, value chain, pricing structure, import-export activities, organizational structure, and global presence.

Sustainable carrier bags

Non Woven Carrier Bags

Grey Mailing Bags Strong Poly Postal Postage Post Mail Self Seal All Sizes Cheap Grey Mailing - £63.90

Self Grey Seal Strong Poly Sizes Mailing Post Bags Cheap All Postal Postage Mail Mailing Bags Postage Poly Postal Self Grey Strong Post Seal All Sizes Cheap Grey Mailing Bags

Travel Cube Set Packing Cube Organizer Compression Packing Cubes Large Packing Cubes Travel Packing Organizers Travel Packing Bags Black

Travel Cube Set Packing Cube Organizer Compression Packing Cubes Large Packing Cubes Travel Packing Organizers Travel Packing Bags (Black): Luggage & Bags. Travel Cube Set Packing Cube Organizer Compression Packing Cubes Large Packing Cubes Travel Packing Organizers Travel Packing Bags (Black): Luggage & Bags. ?6 TRAVEL BAGS: Includes 3 alternative sizes of packing cubes organizers , 1 bra underwear bag,1 laundry bag & 1 toiletry bag. ? ?HIGH QUALITY - Premium quality thicker polyester material, easy two-method zippers and stitching, which is waterproof, tearing-resistance,heavy-duty and long lasting use. ? ?LARGE CAPACITY: Clothing bags (big:10-12 shirts, medium:7-9 Shirts, small: 5-6 shirts) bra underwear bag(for bra, underwear and socks); Laundry bag (It is not only a laundry bag. It can also be used as a shoes bag, makeup bag, clothes package and for other uses);Toiletry bag(for your toiletry Polybags). ? ? SPACE SAVING FOR EASY TRIP: Save space in your luggage/bag ,helping you classifying your belongings and keeping them from getting lost. This also makes security checks at the airport fast and convenient. ? ?Multipurpose: Super packing bags set for all who likes Polybags, weekender and travelers. Ideal for active lifestyles including traveling, backpacking, camping, gym, beach, or yoga. Ideal for family vacations, business travel, hiking, gym, camping,beach,yoga, cruise luggage, biker saddlebags and closet storage. Perfect for short or long distance travel. ? Pack your luggage?fast,?easily?and?securely??Why Choose Our Luggage Storage Organizer??-- Made of high quality polyester ?-- Spacious capacity.?-- Collapsible & Lightweight?-- Fits Most luggage and backpacks ?Double ring zipper, use flexible and convenient, smooth.?-- Buckle design:assist to?fixed clothes?-- Easy to clean: only wipe with a damp sponge or cloth.?Packing includes:???1 Large Clothes Packing Cube (16.5''X12.6''X4.7'')??1 Medium Clothes Packing Cube (13.4''X11''X 4.7'')??1 Small Clothes Packing Cube(13.4''X 9''X 4.7'')??1 Underwear Bag (11''X 7.9''X 4.7')??1 Laundry Bag(14''X 10.6'')??1 Toiletry Bag (10.6'' X 6.3'')? ? ? ?

Are plastic bags getting a inferior rap?

Well, now we know that neither paper or plastic bags are particularly inferior, they only have alternative properties. Nashville Wraps favours responsible products, both paper and plastic when manufactured in the United Kingdom from recycled US materials by emission reducing processes. It is only that simple.

Custom Poly Bags , Custom Plastic Bags

We offer a wide spectrum of custom poly bags which are manufactured from high quality raw Material that meet the FDA requirements. These poly bags are on offer in assortment of sizes and gauges. The printing of these bags can be done up to 6 colours. Customisation can be done according to the clients specific requirements. They are on offer in the following spectrums:

polythene suppliers bags machine price

polythene suppliers bags machine price

Clear polythene suppliers Sheeting

Home Products Miscellaneous Clear polythene suppliers Sheeting

Christmas polythene bags Christmas polythene bags

Christmas is a time for giving... polythene bags!

So Christmas is coming around once again and there a million and one jobs to be done before the big day. Presents to buy, wrap and send, homes to decorate, Christmas cakes and mince pies to make… the list goes on!

Thankfully there are a million and one polythene bags out there to help people out with all of these jobs, sometimes in unusual ways that you might not have considered before.

Of course, the polythene bags that most spring to mind at Christmas are carrier bags, used by shoppers everywhere to carry their Christmas shopping home. Big or small, clear or coloured, carrier bags come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit the items purchased. Many retailers design their own personalised printed carrier bags, complete with a special Christmas design and accompanying company logo to convey their Christmas cheer to their customers, whilst also advertising their business to other Christmas shoppers as they walk around.

But it's not just retailers who can make the most of polythene bags at Christmas. There are lots of ways you can use polythene bags to help you and others get into the festive spirit - here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Red and white are the colours of Santa Claus so, if you're leaving presents under the tree, why not create your own Santa's sacks using a combination of red and white polythene bags. For example, large red carrier bags and white patch handle carriers would provide excellent sack strength and a nice smooth finish good enough for Santa! If you have extra large presents to put under the tree, you can always use jumbo carriers, available in white polythene, along with a few medium red carrier bags around it for the smaller gifts.

Red grip seal bags provide an excellent way to wrap small presents or stocking fillers. Their easy-to-open resealable grip seal, which runs along the top of the bag, is simple to open and close, which means less time wrapping presents for grown ups and easier opening for the kids!

Metallic red mailing bags are a great way to impress a friend or loved one with Christmas presents sent in the post. Give them that special Christmas feeling as they see your delivery gleaming and shining on the doormat, before they even open it and get to the present itself. Guaranteed to make an impact, metallic red mailers are also light, which saves on Christmas postage, and simple to use with a peel 'n seal strip, so you can send out presents to all your friends in no time!

For any last minute presents given in person, gift carrier bags made from glossy card and with a luxury rope handle provide a great alternative to wrapping paper, whilst gift bottle bags are the perfect way to present a bottle of Christmas bubbly, wine or eggnog to provide some Christmas cheer!

Glossy display bags or film give a beautiful sheen to any present, Christmas cake or festive display, whilst flower sleeves can really help a bouquet come to life. Even old leftover carrier bags can be recycled to make alternative Christmas decorations, whilst don't forget bin bags and black sacks are a Christmas essential to clear up all the mess.

So that's just a few ways that polythene bags can help make your life easier this Christmas - we hope these tips help make it a good one!